Applications for Sunrise Rotary Community Grants Open 1st May 2022

Sunrise Rotary Community Grants is our clubs way of giving back to our local community. It is funded by the clubs Perpetual Fund. A fund that will give back to our community for many years into the future.

Applications are now open until 1st July 2022

What is a Sunrise Rotary Community Grant project?

 It’s a project that makes a practical difference to the lives of people in our immediate local community.

We’re looking to support projects that enable people to participate, experience, grow, learn, reach out, connect, make a difference and be safe.

Sunrise Rotary Community Grants are a monetary grant of between $2,000 and $5,000 that are awarded to eligible not-for-profit community organisations.

Important Steps for Applications

 Please apply online:

Step 1. Read the grant guidelines to understand the type of projects we are looking to support and if your community group is eligible to apply.

Step 2. Start your application, keeping in mind that you must complete it all at once so preparation is key!

Tip: Speak to (somebody at our club) if you would like any help or guidance regarding your project.

Read the Guidelines
Apply Online